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Crowned Girls

Tonya Y Haygood, Founder

Does your girl struggle with self- esteem issues? Does she shy away when you introduce her to others?

Is she nervous about the upcoming school year? Does she find it difficult to interact or get along with others?

Do you worry about the social media predators out there that may be watching her?

Our Protected Princess Program is the perfect way to prepare them for dealing with some of today’s issues that pre-teens and teens face.

Contact us today for your complimentary coaching session today!

The Chosen Princess

Girls Empowerment Program

BUilding up Future women of tomorrow

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Miss Sapphire Elite 2024

Alicia Hart

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Congratulations !!! Laiyah is our

2024 MISS RUBY ELITE 2024. She passed with flying colors!!!!

Laiyah applied for the position, sent in her resume and references ​just like a Queen. So amazingly impressive for someone so young.

Her references beamed compliments about her. Look out for more ​awesomeness from Laiyah as she reigns this year!!!!!

Princess (D. J Tay ) Taylor Clark

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Princess Ava Bell

Princess Ashunae Carter

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what we are passionate about:

Economic Empowerment Building Better communities

We teach girls to exercise their economic rights. We help them to become positive citizens with hands on Community Volunteering.

safety and peace

We teach girls to be advocates against discrimination and other injustices.

To be aware of situations that could harm their safety and awareness. Such As Social Media Preditor traps.

We raise awareness and improve prevention strategies by teaching conflict solution strategies.

We build Sisterhood, Self Esteem and Spiritual Growth.

ending violence

Register For One On One Coaching

Limited Spaces Available!

Diverse pre teen girl

Ages 5-16

Three Age Divisions



One hour


Coaching Sessions

per week.

Can be divided in

30 minute sessions

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After completion of

her sessions and after

meeting goals,

We celebrate with a

Tiara Coronation Event

with press release

in her honor!

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who we are

Crowned Girls/ Daughters of Promise has been in existence since 2009 and has been dedicated in uplifting and building confidence in girls. We have crowned over 375 girls through workshops, summer camps, etiquette seminars and individual awards.

Tonya, the founder is a member of the accredited International Christian Coaching Institution and has a certified license in Life Coaching, Child Psychology and Youth Ministry.

We believe that each girl is different with her own personality, gifts and talents.

Book your favorite girl a complimentary individual coaching session with Tonya.

Building strong future women of tomorrow is my passion.

-Tonya Y Haygood

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Step One:

Book a personal consultation while spaces are available.

I will only be working with a small number of girls.

Contact me at (912) 373-6658‬ for further details or questions